Monday Motivation: Birdsong


Are you near a window this morning? Can you step outside? Look, listen! God’s Glory is all around you. Sing for joy and give thanks for a new day!


The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.

Psalm 104:12 – NIV

The birds are at it again. It’s early. The sun just peeped over the horizon. I’m watching this amazing sight, and I’m not the only one. The birds are watching it too.

I know this because the volume of their songs just went up an octave. It’s as if they want to dance with delight at the first rays of the dawn. They are simply thrilled about the prospect of a new day.

Sure, they have work to do, places they need to be. They must find food for the day. They must care for their young. The day is full of duties and obstacles, but you don’t see them worrying. Rather, the birds just want to enjoy the coolness of the morning. They just want to treasure the moment.

So why can’t we? Why do we spend so much time fretting or complaining? How many times a day do we exclaim, “I’ve got too much to do!”? How often do we reply to a morning greeting with a groan of fatigue? When someone asks how you are doing, how often do we reply, “I’m stressed” or “I need coffee.”?

Why is itso hard to greet the day with joy? Why is it so difficult for us to start the day with thankfulness instead of fussing? How many of our days on this earth are wasted on worrying?

When was the last time you searched the morning sky and gave thanks for the beauty of the dawn? How many more sunrises are we destined to enjoy on this earth? Can we really afford to waste another one as we rush around in a frenzy?

Let’s take a lesson from the birds. Let’s greet this new day with a thankful heart. Let’s be grateful for a new opportunity to live, serve and grow. The glory of a new morning is an opportunity to glorify God with praise and adoration. God is near, and we are here.

Like the birds, may we sing for joy. May we lift up our hearts in worship, giving thanks for all the blessings God has graciously bestowed upon us. Let us seize the moment and celebrate another day of life.


Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

Psalm 36:5 – NIV


O Heavenly Father, Thine is the Glory. You are magnificent and Your Creation is amazing! We gaze at the dawn and see Your handiwork. We are awestruck and oh, so grateful. Praise You, Lord! Praise Your Holy Name in the heavens and to the ends of the earth! All glory, honor, majesty and praise to You, our Lord!

In the Marvelous Name of Jesus, we pray,




-APS 8/19/2019

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