Meet the Author

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At age 33, Anita received the devastating news that she was going blind due to a degenerative retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). To make matters worse, Anita was informed that she could never drive again. 

In the course of one day, Anita’s life was forever changed. Unable to drive, she struggled to fulfill her family responsibilities as a wife and mother of her two year old son. With limited vision, she wondered how she could continue working as a cardiology nurse. Anita was convinced her life was over, but God had other plans.

In the 25+ years since that devastating day, Anita has held tightly to her faith, finding the means to live abundantly despite her progressive vision loss. Overcoming the obstacles, she went on to pursue a successful and rewarding career in cardiology nursing. Her work in education, research and project management afforded amazing opportunities to publish nursing journal articles and books, and present her work at the regional and national level.

When vision loss prompted her retirement, Anita found a new passion for creative writing. Through stories, poetry and weekly devotions, she enjoys sharing the insights gained on her journey through blindness. For in walking by faith, Anita has learned to live beyond sight.