Monday Motivation: Savor


It’s a new day! What delights are waiting for you to treasure today? May you and I slow down and savor the special moments.


Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

Luke 12:34 – NLT

Growing up as an Army brat, most of my childhood years were spent far from our family home in South Carolina. Trips to visit my grandparents and extended family were few and far between. Our family visits were much anticipated with time spent counting the days until the next homecoming.

Perhaps that’s where I learned to savor the moment. When I spent time with my grandparents or cousins, I soaked up the memories tucking them neatly in the back of my mind to pull out later when I was far from home once more. In the months after our visits, I would think of the fun activities we enjoyed on the farm and smile. I might have been thousands of miles away, but my heart was still merrily frolicking in those green pastures.

This week, I had a special treat. My son came home from Montana for a visit and shared some lovely moments with our family. He is blessed to have all four of his grandparents available to both treasure and spoil him. As we sat around our porch or across the table, I watched Jonathan chat happily with my parents as they all laughed merrily at some family story. I smiled as he made his way to his Grandma Liz’s freezer for a cookie and then settled in for a nice little chat. His grin was contagious as he prepared to blow out the candles on his surprise birthday cake from his “Aunt Tami.”

Watching the interactions, I could tell that he, like me, was savoring those moments. He was soaking up that family time, enjoying its beauty, knowing that all too quickly, the moments would pass. Like my childhood visits to my grandparent’s farm, Jonathan’s visits are few and far between. On this visit, I could tell he was making the most of these moments, appreciating their special beauty.

Every day holds precious moments; a beautiful sunset, the giggle of a child, a friend’s warm smile. So often, we rush past those moments, too distracted to notice. In our haste, we miss what matters.

Today, let us have eyes to see the beauty all around us. Let us stop and savor the moments that matter. Let’s store away the memory carefully so that one day, we can enjoy its pleasure once again. Let’s be grateful for every blessing, readily offering up our thanks and praise. For God has blessed us with this moment, so let’s make it count.


Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

Romans 12:10 – NLT


O Gracious God, thank You for the blessings of family and friends. Thank You for giving us a new day to treasure. Grant us eyes to see the beauty all around us. Help us to notice the hidden treasures you place in our path daily. Teach us to slow down and cherish those treasures, tasting of their delights, and then capturing those special moments in our memories where we might savor them forever. Oh, how gracious You are to us! Thank You, Lord!

In the Gracious Name of Jesus, we pray,




-APS 6/3/2019

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