Monday Motivation: Light


Advent has begun! This beautiful season of the year is upon us, reminding us of the miracle of our Savior’s birth. Among all the trees and Christmas lights, let us pause and reflect on the light that Jesus brings into our lives, for He is surely the light of the world!


After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.

Matthew 2:9 – NIV

On a chilly night long ago, a brilliant star lit up the night sky. It was a star like no other, a beaming beacon that glowed throughout the galaxies. The heavens came alive with the rising of this star, its radiant light dispelling the darkness, casting a warm glow over the earth below. This magnificent star outshone all the others for its appearance heralded a divine birth announcement, “A Savior is born!”

That glorious star guided the way, leading the Magi on their quest to find the Christ Child, the Promised One, the one who would become King of the Jews. The stunning star came to rest over the place that sheltered the sought after child. Though the star was magnificent, its light simply radiant, an even brighter light rose within that child, for the precious Christ Child would grow to become our prophet, our teacher, our King, our Savior. From the moment of His birth, that baby boy became the light of the world, a light to dispel all darkness, a light that can never be extinguished.

Yes, Jesus is the light of the world, for He not only bears that light, He gives it away. He gives it to you, to me, to all who believe in Him. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

What does the abundant life look like? The abundant life is a life of freedom, a freedom granted by the grace of Jesus Christ. Jesus offered Himself as an atonement for our sins and in turn, set us free.

Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed (John 8:36). We are free to live in peace, even when the world around us is awash in turmoil. We are free to live with joy, despite our difficult circumstances. We can share our love with everyone, even when the world around us is filled with hate. We are free to do good, to be kind, to give generously, even in the midst of a “me-oriented” self-serving culture. We can respond patiently, while others display impatience. We are free to be bold and courageous, while still displaying humility and gentleness.

The abundant life is full of love, a love that flows out and washes over those around us. It is a joy filled life that is not dependent on everything going our way. To live abundantly is to have peace in God’s Presence, to know that peace that passes all understanding. The abundant life is full of hope. Hope permeates our thoughts and spills over into our attitudes. We have confidence in the God we trust, knowing that somehow, some way, all things will work out for good in their due time.

Those who live abundantly are givers. They do not keep their prize to themselves. They give it away, sharing their love with everyone, stepping out of their comfort zone to embrace the lost, the forgotten, the sick,, the suffering. They are fearless in their generosity, open with their kindness. They are full of hope, and that hope lights up the world, dispelling darkness and leading others to the One true source of Light.

May we bear the light brightly today. May we reach out and grasp the abundant life and once received, learn how to give it away.


When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12 – NIV


O Lord Jesus, You came to give us life, an abundant life that is full of love, joy, peace and hope. Just as that glorious star lit up the dark sky, You light up our lives with Your Grace, Your Hope. For You are the light of the world, the light that can never be extinguished, the light that lights our path. Teach us to walk in Your light. Help us to grasp the freedom Your love gives us. Let us find the abundant life in You and once found, show us how to give Your Love, Peace, Joy and Hope to those You place in our path. Help us shine Your light in all that we do.

In the Radiant Name of Jesus, we pray,


Advent Blessings,


-APS 12/3/2018

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