Monday Motivation: Pouring


Are you strolling in the sunshine today or being pounded by pelting rain? Wherever you are, God is there. He knows your circumstances and He will see you through whatever lies ahead. Find peace in that promise today.


“Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”

Luke 8:25 – NIV

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours.

The sun was shining brightly as Eric and I glided along the lonesome two lane highway that meandered through the dense woodlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The sunshine soon faded, however, replaced by dense cloud cover. Still, the journey was pleasant as we listened to the radio and took in the scenery.

Crossing into Wisconsin, the bottom fell out. Thick gray clouds hovered low across the skyline and the rain started to fall. No, “fall” is not the right word. “Pour” is more appropriate. Those dark gray clouds began to “pour”. Water fell from the sky in thick sheets, the rain so heavy that it was hard to see the cars traveling in front of us. The lush green rolling hills of Wisconsin were being pounded with precipitation.

The windshield wipers could barely keep up. Traffic slowed on the interstate as motorists struggled to see the roadway.

Thankfully, the GPS directed us off the congested interstate and we turned onto a two lane state highway. The storm raged on. Water was standing in the fields, the huge stalks of corn bending low, beaten down by the pounding rain. The ditches along the roadside were overflowing. What should have been tiny creeks looked more like rushing rivers.

The waterlogged farmland gave way to a quaint little town showcasing historic two story homes with wraparound porches and oak lined driveways. It was a sleepy little town, but the town’s usual tranquility had been suddenly uprooted. In the midst of those well manicured lawns, enormous oak trees had been toppled to the ground, the harsh wind and pelting rain leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Broken branches were strewn hither and yond. Pools of water coated the streets as the ditches overflowed their banks. This was no mere rainy day. This was a storm of epic proportions.

Just hours before, Eric and I had been strolling in the sunshine, enjoying the scenery, no troubles in sight. A few short hours later, we found ourselves immersed in a landscape besieged by flooding and littered with fallen trees. Without forewarning, the landscape of life had totally changed.

Life is like that. One moment, things are easy, flowing smoothly, moving according to plan. The sun is shining and we are bouncing along happily, not a care in sight.

Without warning, the landscape changes. The sun vanishes and the storm clouds roll in. At first, we handle it calmly. We can deal with a problem or two. We can manage this. We can find our way through this rainy day.

Yet, so often, the rain does not stop with a mere shower or two. Instead, the problems begin to pour, soaking our stability to its core. We are suddenly in danger of being washed away by worries.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours.

As I look around me today, I see family members and friends dealing with difficult circumstances. From challenging health problems to broken relationships to financial strife, the worries of this world are raining down.

Sometimes, the problems just seem to pile up, making it difficult to navigate. We feel uprooted, tossed hither and yond, disconcerted. We are sad and scared and so very tempted to just give up.

Still, we are not alone. Regardless of our present circumstances, we know the One who can calm the sea. We know the One who walks on water. We know the One who has the peace that passes all understanding.

He knows our troubles. He knows our pain. None of this surprises Him or diminishes His power to help and to heal.

These trials are to be expected, but we can also expect that the same Jesus who calmed the sea can calm the storms in our lives. With but a word, Jesus stilled the storm and saved His friends, and He can save us too. May you and I place our trust in Him today, for the wind and waves still know His name.


Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 – NIV


O. Lord Jesus, heal our hurts today. Bring Your peace, the peace that passes all understanding. Restore our Hope by helping us trust in Your Powerful Name. For You are the Maker of Miracles and we pray for Your healing Hand in our lives. Be with us, Lord, and let the sunshine of Your love light our way through whatever lies ahead.

In the Healing Name of Jesus, we pray,




-APS 11/5/2018

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