The List

Plain white paper.
Dark black ink.
The list.

A very long list.
Forsaken vows.
My sin.

Simply written.
Just lying there.
Flapping in the breeze.

Heart pounding.
Oh, let no one see.
The list.

My shame.
My sorrow.
My regret.
All on the list.

The plain white paper.
Now laid upon the wood.
A weathered hand.
Palm up.
Fingers outstretched.
Hiding the list.

Brace for impact.
Hammer meets nail.
Pierced flesh.
Blood flows.
Over the list.

Nailed to the cross.
Washed by His blood.
The list is no more.
All is forgiven.

No more lists.
I am forgiven.
So are you.

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